Home Improvement

Mohala Johnson
July 26th, 2018

As a parent you try to make things easier for your children, helping in any way possible. Heading off to college is no exception and, as a parent, there are a lot of things to worry over, where to put things shouldn’t be one of them. With this in mind, have you considered a self-storage unit? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider this for your college bound young adult.

Ease of Access

While the dorm room might have limited space, there’s no telling what your child may or might not need. What if they decide in two months that the weather is too cold and winter gear is needed? Where will they store the summer wear that is currently taking up all the real estate in the tiny dorm closet? Your answer: Self Storage. You can get a unit as small as a closet for reasonable rates, plus most facilities offer month – to – month leasing. Another benefit of a self-storage unit during the college years is that anything your young adult doesn’t want you to throw out can be relocated. This frees up space in your home while also allowing him or her to decide the importance of various belongings. Moving things into a storage unit close to the college creates a place to keep things that roommates can’t ‘borrow’.


Since most of the year will be spent at school, it makes sense to have things closer. While home might be in a different state, there’s no need for belongings to be as well. Most college students go off to live in a different state after graduation. A storage unit cuts down on transition time into post-graduation life. No need to go home and pack up, that’s already been taken care of. Having things close at hand also allows for prioritization. While we might not want to give-up childhood treasures, after a few years of college, opinions change. Having things already stowed in a storage unit also makes things easier for moving, packed and ready to go.


The ability to prioritize and organize is something that can only be applauded. Learning how to make tough decisions is something every young adult should be exposed to before leaving college. Pros of having a storage unit while in college:

  • Learning how to pay bills;
  • Packing and organization; and,
  • Learning how to process emotional and logical decisions.

All of the above mentioned items are lifelong skills that will carry into other aspects of his/her personality. Why not get him/her started early down the road of “adulting”. It might not be fun, but it is definitely something they won’t come to regret as they continue to navigate life’s roads. Are you ready to rent? Check out our locations here: Tellus Self Storage Locations