Mohala Johnson
September 6th, 2019

Moving your belongings into storage can be very difficult, we understand that and would like to provide you with a friendly reminder of items that should never be placed in storage.



We always want to keep our food fresh, however using your storage unit as a “food pantry” is NEVER a good idea. First and foremost food has a smell, doesn’t matter if you place it in ‘airtight’ containers or totes. Any and all foods will definitely attract all types of pests and rodents. No one wants that, and we especially don’t want to have your items infested because of food storage. While this is not limited to fresh food, anything from cereal, oatmeal, and rice are not permitted. Unfortunately this also means that canned goods are a no go. Aside from the nuisance of a pest infestation nobody wants to smell rotten food.

Toxic or Hazardous Chemicals

This includes both legal or non legal chemicals. No matter what type of chemical it is don’t store it in your storage unit. There are two reasons you aren’t allowed to store toxic or hazardous chemicals.

Reason One: The Smell. Chemicals have a smell, and sure if we’re getting technical not all of them are noticeable my humans; however they are all dangerous over prolonged periods of time. Like the time it would take to load or unload a storage unit. This poses a risk for physical safety, which brings us to the second reason.

Reason Two: Physical Safety. It only takes one person that smokes, to flick a cigarette somewhere and the storage building explodes. Talk about bad news bears, this could lead to a very tragic and incredibly dangerous situation. Let’s agree to avoid it all together and not store toxic or hazardous chemicals, it’s just safer this way.

Living Animals or Live Plants (Including Humans)

sIt is against the law for any human to reside in a storage unit. That means you can’t live in your storage unit, no matter how much you are paying a month. Along these same lines don’t place any living animal in storage. Regardless of the animal breed, it simply isn’t humane and it’s also against the law.

Anything that requires light, food and water is prohibited. That includes house plants, even if that plant ‘doesn’t require lots of light’. It is still a live thing, not allowed in storage. Period. We thank you for your understanding. Should you have any further questions about our storage facilities please feel free to call our Storage Experts at 1-800-773-6691

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