Mohala Johnson
September 9th, 2019

Can I get a buddy? Self Storage is easier with Friends.Friends can make things a lot easier, having friends help you can also help the process of moving into storage. But you should keep these three things in mind as well.


Moving can be difficult and if you are in need of a quick move you might not be able to afford a professional moving company. It is for these reasons that we’d like to suggest you utilize your friendships. Even co-workers sometimes are willing to help when it is needed. But we’d also like to remind you that these people are offering to help you out and they need to be treated with a bit of gratitude and respect. With this in mind we’d like to offer up 3 things that you should do / remember when having friends help you move.

Have supplies on hand and be ready.

The very first and most important thing when moving/ packing/ having people over to assist you is: Always be prepared.Have boxes, tape, packing material or whatever else you may need on hand and ready so that when people start showing up they can get to work instead of having to make a store run. Remember most of our storage facilities have boxes and covers for sale so be sure to check that when you go down and fill out your paperwork. Additionally you can pick up supplies before the scheduled meeting time. Impress everyone with your readiness, plus you can help things go smoothly and a quickly by being at the ready.

Give Clear and Precise Directions, while not being a pain.

The hardest thing to do when having people help you out is give direction without sounding like a giant pain in the bum. Not to mention it’s sometimes hard to do what you’re doing and still tell other people what you’d like them to do. We suggest you handle this by doing two things: First prioritize what needs extra hands and what you can handle on your own. Taking furniture apart is a job for more than one person while loading up the dishes is a single person job. Create teams and tasks for people but don’t micromanage. No one likes that and we’re sure you’d like to have friends after this is all said and done.

Thank them for their efforts.

Be sure to thank your friends for their hard work and efforts. Sure they said they’d help out but they also didn’t flake which is a very big deal. You don’t have to throw money at them but you can get a case of beers or some pizza, especially after the work is done so you guys can unwind and relax.

Hopefully these three things are helpful or at least they give you an idea of how to get people to help you and still remain your friend after the fact. Good luck!

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