February 19th, 2019

Heading off to college can be an exciting time for students and parents alike. Why not make things a bit easier with self storage?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How in the world can my college student benefit from self storage

Here are 4 reasons to invest in self storage for your college student:

Space :

While living at home has its creature comforts, like the handmade desk Papa Joe made for you, there simply isn’t enough space in your dorm room for this. Sure, you could leave it at home but there is no guarantee that Mom and Pop won’t get sick of having empty real estate in their home. The first semester might go by without them touching your room, but by the time Sophomore year rolls around you’re staying in the ‘guest room / office / craft room’.  All evidence of you living in the space removed, imagine the horror of losing your childhood keepsakes and memorabilia. Keep your things in a storage unit until you’re ready to move out on your own. This way you know exactly where your legos, action figures and movie posters are.


Show your parents that you’re ready to be responsible for your own life, including your things. Clean out your room and let them have the space to do with what they please. This is a very ‘adult’ way to exhibit your willingness to become a self-sufficient and mature member of society. Sure it might seem a little out of the box but it is also a way to assert yourself. Show them you’re ready to move onto bigger and better things, not to mention being responsible for yourself. A big step towards shaping your own future self.


Move your things closer to where you’re currently living, most of the time your college isn’t going to be in the same location as your childhood home. Take advantage of this and move things closer to where you’ll actually be living. Plus you can swap out wardrobes, or store extra circular activities. Winter gear doesn’t need to take up precious real estate in your dorm room, move those things to the storage unit. As a super added bonus, you won’t have to worry about your roommate ‘borrowing’ your things.


After college what will you do? Take time to travel, accept a new position in another state? No one knows, and having to take time out of your new life to go back home and pack just seems silly. If you’re already managing your belongings in a storage unit you can come or go as you please. Easy move out of dorm into a new dwelling. Once you’ve moved out on your own you might find that a lot of your belongings don’t fit into your new, college graduate lifestyle. With this in mind, it might also alleviate some of the worries of finding a place for all your things. You can store items in your storage unit until you find out what you need, want or have attachments too. Not to mention the use of a storage unit might give you the extra space needed to organize and decorate your newly acquired space.

Now that you’ve had time to read over these 4 reasons to utilize a storage unit while in college here’s a link to check out our locations:

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