Mohala Johnson
October 17th, 2019

Nonprofits can benefit from self storage just like any other business. Here are 5 ways your nonprofit can benefit.


Nonprofit organizations are often seeking a central space to organize their operations, especially in the early days. While a large office or storefront may not be required or cost effective, self storage facilities can offer a convenient, low cost space option for your organization. Especially when it comes to having a central hub to store equipment, paperwork, or donations.

Here are 5 ways that a self storage facility can cater to your organization’s unique needs:


A self storage facility can profit a convenient location for your organization to store items. You can put the days behind you of storing in multiple members garages, apartments, or sheds. Everyone will free up valuable space in their home and have a clean, dry, and secure storage unit to hold the necessary items. The storage facility also acts as a central location for your members to store and pickup goods. Whether you are storing materials for events, using the unit to collect items to be donated, or storing files, you can rest assured that your items will be in a secure space.

Work Together

Self storage facilities are local businesses and most owners, managers, and staff members would be happy to help out and get involved in your organization. As most facilities are members of local and industry business associations, they are able to promote your organization through those avenues. Facilities can also use their website and social media platforms to promote your cause or advertise your events. In addition, since many managers and facility staff live locally along with the other customers at the facility, you are likely to gain a few volunteers for your next event!

Host Events

Use your storage unit to host events such a donation drives for food, clothes, or toys. The facility and your unit can be used as a central location for people to drop off or pick up donations. Most facilities will be happy to work with you on this.

Truck for Rent

Many facilities have rental trucks and even free truck rental programs for their storage customers. This is added convenience if you need a truck to transport materials to an event or donations to a drop off point. Tellus Self Storage offers a Free Move-In truck program so be sure to ask about the trucks availability when you call to reserve your storage unit.

Setup a field office

Many self storage facilities will be able to help you setup a field office for your operations. Whether you just need WIFI to send a few emails, or you need to setup a workspace to help organize things, ask the manager how they can fit your needs.

In conclusion if your nonprofit organization is looking for a space to organize your operation, look no further than your local self storage facility. Make sure to go talk to the manager to see how you can work together!

Guest Author:

David Kampa
David is the managing partner of Freeport Self Storage, located on the beautiful south shore of Long Island, just outside of New York City. Freeport Self Storage has been servicing Freeport and the surrounding communities for over 22 years.

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