Mohala Johnson
September 27th, 2019

When packing items for your storage unit there are 7 things that shouldn’t go into storage. 

After you’ve decided to move into a storage unit you should also keep in mind a few items that you should never store.

  1. Food: This includes canned food, MREs, dried foods, or even powdered foods. Insects can smell through walls and sometimes boxes. This means they will be able to find, and attack any food items you opt to place into your storage unit.
  2. Animals: Storage units are not akin to kennels, there is not an unlimited supply of air. Not only is this a health hazard, it can be dangerous.
  3. Plants: Plants need sunlight, air, and water. Storing dirt creates an opportunity for a pest infestation. Bugs love dirt, no one wants bugs.
  4. Hazardous Materials: This poses a danger to both other tenants and our Property Managers.
  5. Scented Items: Scented waxes, candles, or even dried herbs should not be placed in storage. These smells will attract pests, again no one wants pests.
  6. Wet Items: When you place wet items into storage you create an environment for mold to grow. The humidity in the air coupled with wet or damp items placed into a dark storage unit will ultimately grow mold. This is very dangerous for you and other tenants as mold spores might travel in the air and spread.
  7. Valuables : This is a rule created for your protection. Think of your safety when moving into your storage unit. If someone sees you moving large tv’s or expensive equipment into storage they might get the idea to rob you. Very dangerous. Along these same lines you should never store anything that is highly sentimental. Your mental health should be taken seriously and placing items that you care about into storage. Be sure to handle your important items with care.

While this is a short list of items you should always use your best judgement when packing up items to be placed in your storage unit. If you are unsure about something ask one of our Storage Experts, they are there to help you.

This self storage tip was of what not to store was brought to you by our Tellus Self Storage Spanish Fort Alabama location.