Mohala Johnson
August 2nd, 2019

Are you selling your home? If so, we’ve got some tips for you that you might not have considered. Hopefully these tips can help you sell faster!


Trying to find ways to ‘improve’ your home while also having your home on the market can be difficult. It is for that reason that we’d like to suggest you consider Self Storage. Before you decide that this is a ridiculous idea we’ve got 3 reasons or explanations on exactly how self storage can be beneficial to you during this time.

Reason One: Decluttering / Removing Your Personal Touches

We all have things in our home that we cherish and adore, however; these things may not be something that ‘strangers’ appreciate. Often Real Estate Agents ask you to ‘declutter’ your home. While this seems like work and might even come across as a ‘rude’ request they have their reasons. For one many people have a hard time imagining themselves in a home that is already fully furnished and decorated to a specific taste. This is especially true if that taste does not correspond with their own. By packing up personal items you create a sort of ‘blank canvas’ for individuals touring your home. Thus allowing them to envision themselves in the space.

Reason Two: Post or Pre Sale Clean up

Once an offer is made and accepted things tend to move quickly. You may have only a week or two to get out of the newly sold home. This can cause lots of unwanted or unforseen stress, especially if you’re new home isn’t quite ready. With self storage you’ve got a place to store your things that is out of the way. Month to month leasing means you won’t have to worry about being locked into a storage unit. You simply use it for the period of time that it is needed.

Reason Three: Creating Space (or the illusion of space)

You can remove extra furniture and clutter to make your home seem larger and more attractive to prospective buyers. This is especially helpful for helping potential buyers envision themselves in your home. In smaller homes, by removing furniture you can make the space seem larger, open concepts are very popular and by removing furniture and personal items you can help create a blank canvas. While we aren’t in the business of selling homes we can understand what it’s like to see someone elses things in your future space and that can make it hard to see yourself there.

Conclusion: Self Storage can help you clear up your home making it easier to sell, least in our opinion.

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