Mohala Johnson
June 20th, 2018


While your yard might seem like the perfect location to house your boat when it is not in the water, here are four reasons to consider using a Self-Storage facility:


When your boat is parked in your driveway or yard, which is living space that you can’t occupy. Grass might not grow, or start to take up residence on your boat while it’s parked. You need to maneuver carefully in your driveway so as not to scratch or ding up your boat. These are nuances that are unnecessary to everyday life. By storing your boat at a storage facility, you free up space as well as worry.

Storage vs. Marina

One of these things cost more but also leaves your property ‘out in the open’ so to speak. Why not have peace of mind as well as lower storage costs? We offer enclosed, as well as paved parking for your boats.

Other Items

Chances are if you own a boat you also own additional water gear. Get these things out of your garage or shed. Pack them up and store them with your boat so you only have one stop to make come summer. Having extra free space at home means more room for new or expanding your other hobbies, plus keeping the significant others happy.


Utilizing a self-storage facility will allow you to house all your boating needs in one location, and, you won’t have to travel from the shed to garage to marina back to the house to pick up forgotten items. With everything stored in one place you’ll be able to see at a glance what you do or don’t have, cutting down on land time when prepping for a day out on the water. Simply stop at the facility, pick up your water gear and head out.

Now that you’ve had time to think it over, head on over to our Boat Storage page and find a facility near you!