Mohala Johnson
September 26th, 2019

Deciding what to use when packing for your self storage unit can be complicated, difficult and completely overwhelming. Not to worry, we’ll help you sort out pros and cons of both.


Planning a move, clearing out the clutter, or storing your excess stuff? You’ll have to ask yourself if you should use boxes or totes. Let’s look at some pros and cons of which might be better. Each type of storage option has its benefits.

Pros for boxes
  • Cheaper than totes
  • Variety of sizes. Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and specialty boxes for odd sizes.
  • Stack better than totes. Utilizing precious storage space.
  • When stacked will not bend, crush, or sag during the months of storage.
  • Storage boxes sold at storage facility are resist to mold and mildew.

Cons for Boxes
  • While boxes might be resistance to mold and mildew, they will fall apart if they get wet.
  • If not taped up properly, they could start to sag and crush.
Pros for totes
  • Wider variety of sizes and colors. They range from shoe box size to Christmas tree size.
  • Mold and mildew resistance.
  • Will protect from getting wet if leak happens in unit.
  • Have handles.

Cons for totes
  • Are not perfect squares, do not stack as well as boxes.
  • When stacked up can leave gaps due to different sizes. This can take up storage space.
  • Totes can collapse and fall over, causing damage to stored items.
There’s your pros and cons. Depending on your storage needs and preferences you may choose one or the other. There is no wrong or right answer. It is what works for you and your storage needs. This self storage packing tip was brought to you by Tellus Self Storage Hawn, located in Dallas TX .

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