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Perks of Enclosed Storage Unit for Vehicles Have you ever had a vehicle take up space unnecessarily? Here are some reasons why you should invest in storing your car in a storage CARS Storage units are the perfect place to keep an antique car from getting damaged by animals, people, Having a valuable car makes it an instant target for thieves. If you live in a household with multiple vehicles and not enough space for everyone. In a place with bad weather like tornados, hurricanes, hail, etc. A storage unit protects your vehicle from those conditions. Your vehicle will be assured of being in the best condition in a climate-controlled unit. Some insurance companies will let you suspend a vehicle’s coverage while in storage. BOATS You probably only use your boat every so often, so why not put it in a storage unit, so it doesn’t take up space in your driveway or garage? With as much as boats cost, why not keep them safe in the best way possible Storage will keep your boat safe from weather hazards. Boats will sometime leak oil which harms the soil and water, keeping it in storage helps prevent that. Enclosed units will protect your boat from algae, debris, sunlight, heat, and other uncontrollable factors. RVS Avoid home ownership conflicts by storing your RVs with us. Your house will be more appealing without an RV in the front yard. You won’t have to worry about animals breaking into your RV. Protects your RV from debris, rain, and sun. At Tellus Self Storage we have storage units for cars, boats, and RVs. We also offer climate-controlled units as well. ...

Mohala Johnson
October 4th, 2022