Home Improvement

Mohala Johnson
March 12th, 2019

When the weather changes, so do your needs. Just like a winter coat needs to be put up for spring; your storage unit could use some attention as well.


Seasons change and while we might not take this into account when initially storing our items it is a fact of life that our storage units need a little TLC. (tender loving care, of course)

If at all possible you should visit your unit twice a year, when it starts to get colder and when it starts to get warmer. Why? Because items may have shifted due to settling, or boxes losing their integrity.

While we try to do the best we can things happen, and sometimes boxes just fail. A lovely stack of boxes might start leaning to one side. Creating direct contact with the storage unit walls, allowing for unwanted moisture to build up. Or maybe that mattress cover didn’t get put on securely and now there is a spot of thick dust. Remember, plan for the worst and you’ll always be prepared.

With this in mind, here are 3 things to check for when the weather changes:

  1. Movement. While you might’ve purchased all your boxes at once from the exact same place, sometimes there’s a dud. This box might have a bent corner which you didn’t notice at first but after being stacked for 6 months that tiny bend is not a completely smooshed side. Same with furniture you might’ve stacked on each other. They might’ve settled over time and changed position. Be careful when fixing these mishaps.
  2. Moisture. If you have a non-climate controlled unit you want to be sure to check your unit for any moisture that might’ve built up over time. To ensure the best storage experience possible eliminating moisture will do a great deal.
  3. Oddities. Items that shouldn’t be in storage but somehow ended up in storage. Candles, dried herbs or flowers, potpourri, scented waxes or even food items should all be removed as soon as possible. This does include the random bag of soil or potting mix, seeds or other gardening supplies that might’ve gotten overlooked.

While this is not a complete list of items that you should check in your storage unit, it does give you a sort of starting point to continue your storage unit inspection. Remember, you are the one who is responsible for ensuring your items are stacked and packed properly. Take a second to double check your work.