Gulfport Facilities

Mohala Johnson
August 23rd, 2022

Before you end your storage lease, it’s common courtesy to pick up after yourself. Here are some suggestions that will help you make this process neat and clean.

1. Come Prepared with a Plan
  • Bring either a moving truck or an appropriate number of vehicles to store your stuff on.
  • Boxes, mask, markers, tape, gloves, scissors, & garbage bags
  • If you want don’t want some stuff anymore then place it for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Bring multiple people to help, if necessary, you could even use multiple vehicles to move more stuff in one trip.
  • Take a photo to get a guesstimate of how many boxes or containers you’ll need. This should also help you decide if you need a moving truck or not.
  • Labeling your boxes with marker will help save you the time of opening each box to see what’s in it.

2. Organization
  • Separate the things you want to keep, things you want to giveaway, and another box for things you want to throwaway into individual boxes.
  • Let a storage employee know that you’re moving out.
  • It might take more than one day depending on the amount of stuff you have.
  • If a donation center like Goodwill is nearby, drop your stuff off there instead of driving all the way back to your house.
  • Get rid of unneeded items. There’s reason why you put in storage in the first place. If you didn’t need it for the past couple months, then you probably don’t need it now.

3. Cleaning up
  • Be sure to sweep and clean up any messes in your unit.
  • If you used your own lock, take it with you.
  • Tell someone working at the office that you finished moving out.
  • If you’re not physically capable of moving the contents of your storage. You can hire a junk removal company to help you.

Now that you know the process to cleaning a storage. Stop by our Tellus Self Storage facility at Dedeaux East and rent with us today