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Mohala Johnson
January 11th, 2021

Our Property Manager at Tellus Self Storage Covington has a few thoughts about the importance of disc locks at her storage facility.

Here are her thoughts on Disc Locks:

One question our customers ask regularly is “Why do I have to have a disc lock? What’s wrong with just a regular padlock?”

Well, this is an excellent question and here are a few reasons why disc locks are better than regualr padlocks.

  • Disc locks were developed specifically for self-storage facilities and are recommended across the industry as the go-to lock use.
  • They are stainless steel which keeps the lock from rusting. This makes them perfect for use our our non-climate outdoor access storage units.
  • Additionally, a disc lock has a shorter shank which is extremely difficult to cut with bolt cutters like other padlocks; therefore, it is considered to be more secure.

At Tellus Self Storage Covington we offer two-disc lock options. The first option is our Key Disc Lock which is a standard disc lock with two keys. Perfect for limiting access to your storage unit. The other type of disc lock we offer is a Word Disc Lock. This lock uses letters to make a word instead of the standard combination lock. You pick the initial word you would like to use and if you ever need to change it, it’s resettable. One advantage to the word lock over the standard disc lock is there is no key to lose. These locks are better for clubs or groups that share a storage unit.

Disc locks are not simply great for doors of storage units, you can use them anywhere you would need a padlock and they’re fantastic for enclosed trailers too! Stop by our office to check them out!

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