Just For Fun

Mohala Johnson
June 9th, 2018


Shopping for dad can be difficult, most of the time he already has the things he wants and doesn’t need ‘anything’. How about getting your Father Storage? Now it might seem a bit unorthodox but it really could be the perfect gift. Dad has stuff, dad also has stuff he won’t get rid of but has no place to keep that stuff. Store it in one of our Tellus Facilitates.
Sure, you could get him a 6-pack, maybe some steaks or even take him golfing; but why do the ordinary things when you could do something more memorable. As Fathers, men don’t get a lot of time to spend on themselves – why not give them extra space as a privacy buffer. Mom might not love his collection of Hot Wheels, but your Father might enjoy a place to keep the collection: out of sight out of mind; and, safe from nagging wives (sorry moms you had your day, this is about the Fathers). Self storage with Tellus is a win-win, something completely original and practical. To make things even more enticing you can even offer to help dad move into his new found space away from home.
What about those Big Boy Toys? Check out our extra-large storage facilities that have room for RVs, Boats, Cars or Trucks, ATVs or even Lawn mowers. We offer covered or enclosed, as well as, outdoor parking. Check out the complete listing of our RV locations and Boat locations to find the best location for your Father’s storage needs.
Give your Father the gift of organization this Father’s Day, something he’s sure to remember for years to come.