Mohala Johnson
July 4th, 2019

We like to think of Independence Day as a fun filled holiday with fireworks, grills, BBQs and no work. But do you actually know what and why we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Why do we celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July?

If your answer is: because its America’s Independence day!

You’re close but not quite there, now for some history:

Once upon a time in the year 1776, the Declaration of Independence was created, specifically on July 2nd. In the days that followed the Continental Congress worked hard at editing and rewording the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776 they finalized the changes and agreed to them.

Therefore July 4, 1776, is the date that was included on the Declaration of Independence. Did you know that the decorative handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence that ended up being signed wasn’t actually signed until August? That means this fancy piece of very important paper had to wait to get the much needed attention that it so deserved. You can view this signed copy in person if you so like, it is display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

If you’d like even more history check out these two websites:

How do you celebrate?

We like to get together with family and friends, usually for a cookout. Grill up some steaks, hotdogs, or even have a crawfish boil. The weather is wonderful ( normally) this time of the year and we are able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Watersports are very big near the Gulf so we also participate in those as well.

No matter what you do, even if it’s just a nice quiet meal at home, remember to enjoy it.

As for us at Tellus Self Storage we just want to wish everyone a safe, happy and fun Fourth of July.