Mohala Johnson
August 31st, 2019

Storing your refrigerator might seem like a pretty straightforward task. We’d like to politely disagree and offer up these suggestions, hopefully to make things a little easier for you.

First things first.

This self storage tip is brought to you by our Tellus Self Storage Covington location!


Preparing items for storage takes time, and effort. We know its a process and hard work. Be sure to take the time to organize your thoughts so you don’t break, lose or misplace things. Now that you’re ready to clear out the bigger pieces of furniture for storage ( like your refrigerator ) we’ve got some tips that will save you some stress. You got this, we believe in you!

In order to avoid the danger of a rusted or mildewed refrigerator while in storage, follow these basic principles.

  • Once everything has been removed from the refrigerator and freezer, unplug the appliance to allow the freezer to defrost completely.
  • Remove all shelves and trays soaking them in warm soapy water scrubbing them and rinsing well.
  • Be sure to clean the inside of the refrigerator and freezer well to remove any lingering food particles which could lead to mold problems or attract pests.
  • After cleaning, be sure to wipe the interior with a dry towel well. (We don’t want to trap any moisture inside the refrigerator once its in the storage unit)
  • Allow the refrigerator and freezer to dry completely (roughly one to two hours) and drain the water from the holding tank if you have an installed ice maker, disconnecting the pipes and hoses to allow you to rinse them out.
  • Make sure you let these pieces to air dry as well.
  • Once moving your appliance to a climate controlled storage unit, be sure to keep the appliance upright and open the doors to allow a small amount of air flow to circulate through the refrigerator while it is being stored.  Rolling up a towel and wedging it in the door then securing the door with painter’s tape will help the refrigerator to stay open just the amount you need for circulation.
  • Place a container of a moisture absorber in the storage unit with your appliance will allow any dampness that may occur while storing.
  • Our Tellus Self Storage Covington location does sell this in the office for your convenience! However, if this item can also be purchased from marketplaces such as Amazon. 

If you think of any additional questions please be sure to ask, our Storage Experts are here to help alleviate your storage confusion.

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