Mohala Johnson
October 7th, 2022

With holidays such as Halloween and Christmas on the horizon, it’s time to figure out where your decorations are for when the festivities end. A storage unit is a perfect choice for storing your holiday knickknacks.

Labels – Be sure to label the boxes where you put your decorations. This will make your trips to the unit go by faster. You’re not going to want to accidentally grab a box of Mardi Gras décor for the Halloween season. It would probably be best to store a holiday in each of their own boxes. You could even label the smaller bags that are inside the container.

Climate Control – Depending on the material and what you store, a climate-controlled unit will eliminate the worry of your items being damaged by the heat or cold.

Wreaths – Hang and place a bag over the wreaths to prevent crushing them. Wrapping wreaths in a bag helps protect them from the elements.

Trees – Shrink wrapping your Christmas trees can save space and save the time of having to take the ornaments off. You also won’t have to take the apart and put it back in the box with this method.

Lights – Wrapping your lights around cardboard will help prevent your lights from breaking or getting tangled.

Placement – If you’re also using your storage to store other nonseasonal items, you’ll want to place the holiday boxes in the back of the storage since you won’t use them often.

Linens – Clean your linens before storing them, so the stains don’t become harder to clean.

Beads – A mason jar or bottle is a good place to keep beads.

Ornaments – Bubble wrap and different decorations to keep them from shattering.

A lot of these items should be placed in plastic bins. At select Tellus Self Storage locations, we have a retail shop that sells moving and packing supplies at your convenience.