Just For Fun

Mohala Johnson
March 5th, 2019

Mardi Gras is one huge party. We drink, we eat, we enjoy beads. Tons and tons of beads. But what do we do when the parties over?

Let’s take a second to talk about Mardi Gras Storage. What can you store? Well, anything but food, candles, scented waxes, dried plants or other aromatic items. You can store your beads, outfits, signs, hats and of course, floats.

Packing up your mardi gras beads and saving them for next year might sound like a brilliant idea. But what happens when your one box of beads turn into 20? You get yourself a storage unit of course.

We recommend Climate Controlled units for your Mardi Gras packing needs. Climate Controlled means that the temperature inside of your unit will be regulated, which helps prevent mold, mildew, and melting.  The Gulf Coast can get hot, humid and wet. Climate Controlled storage units provide an additional layer of protection from the elements of nature. Much like storing things inside your home as opposed to in the shed out back. 

For those of you with Floats, we offer RV parking or enclosed units. These are units extra large: 12×40 foot or 15×50 to give you an idea of size. Most facilities with enclosed RV parking also offer electricity so that you can maintain a trickle charge on your batteries so they don’t go dead.


For this section, we will focus on beads. In order to properly pack your beads you should do the following:

  • Ensure all beads are free of food, food crumbs or food wrappers. Not removing them is an open invitation to unwanted pests and that could easily lead to your beads being ruined.
  • Store beads in a strong container, they tend to be a little heavy when you have a large amount of them. We recommend a locking lid type plastic tote, with a sturdy bottom.
  • Candy, booze remnants and food should all be removed from the beads.


Float taking up too much space in your yard? Why not store it? Here are a few helpful tips to consider when unpacking your float or RV at the end of the season.

  • Clean up any food, crumbs or leftover liquids. Food and crumbs will invite pests to your float / RV and liquids will eventually mold. Plus that smell is hard to get rid of once it sets in the floors and walls.
  • Remove all trash from float/ RV. This will help prevent unwanted ‘guests’ from taking up residence.
  • Clean the outside. Wipe off the outside, take it to a car wash, hose it down. While your Float/ RV is in storage it will probably get a little bit of dust on it, but by taking the time to do the prep work beforehand you can help eliminate the amount of work required once your storage stint is done.

Enjoy Mardi Gras, be safe, have fun and let us know if you’ll be needing a storage unit once the week is over.