Mohala Johnson
May 2nd, 2018

Here are three clever and unique ideas on using a storage unit to honor your Mother this holiday.

Option One: The Move

Many of us ‘move away from home’ but opt out of removing our keepsakes. Trinkets from High School or College that we just aren’t ready to let go of but also don’t want in our current place of residence. Often times these belongings end up taking up space in attics, garages, sheds or a potential spare room. Why not give your Mother the gift of extra space with a self-storage solution? Not only is this gift practical it is unique and can even be a surprise. Show up at the house and empty out your belongings, then clean and clear out the space for Mom to do something wonderful with. A sewing or yoga room perhaps.

Option Two: Old New Swap

But I don’t have any of my belongings at home, how about new furniture? Rent a storage unit to hide the new furniture in, then send Mom out for a fun day and haul away the old stuff and replace it with the new. This clever swap allows you to hide large items as well as store the old ones until they can be sold or donated. With this surprise Mom will feel shocked and impressed.

Option Three: Store or More

Yes it seems that the dreaded season of cleaning lands in accord with a day to honor Mother’s. Why not take this opportunity to relocate things out of the house that are no longer used and place them in storage to determine wither or not they are still needed. This will allow Mom to redecorate and clean without the hassle of having to navigate around certain items. Additionally in your cleaning you might find she has a need for something else and that can be your gift.

No matter what you do, be sure to thank Mom for a job well done, she deserves it.