Mohala Johnson
September 29th, 2019

We understand that moving isn’t always by choice or on our time. We’ve got some words to help encourage you during this time.


Here’s some innovative ideas I’ve seen customers do over the years here at Tellus Self Storage that not only work but will make your life A LOT EASIER!

PALLETS: Yes, those wooden things that you see here and there left out for the trash because no one knows what to do with them other than making really cool patio furniture with. Place a few pallets on the floor of your storage unit to place items on to allow air flow underneath them like antique furniture items or cardboard boxes.

TOTES VS CARD BOARD BOXES: In reality, if you use 2-3 different size boxes, your life will be easier just because it’s easier to stack them than a bunch of odd sized boxes. Remember to clearly label your boxes and stack according to weight with your heavier boxes on the bottom.

FURNITURE SLIDERS: These round little plastic guys work great under heavy furniture items while in storage! If you need to move a piece of furniture around in your unit, just slide it. It’s that simple!

DISH KITS: Glasses, Dishes and Serving Platters….Oh My! If you’re anything like me, your kitchen is full of all kinds of awesome tableware in lots of shapes and sizes. Our crystal protection and dish protection kits are made to prevent dishes from breaking but also come in a small manageable box so it’s not so heavy for you to move as well.

VACUUM SEALED BAGS: Vacuuming out the air to those bags with linens, pillows and blankets in will help to save MAJOR space!

BOOKSHELVES: Utilize every little inch of space buy using your bookshelves and dressers for storing odd sized items and small boxes.