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Mohala Johnson
September 2nd, 2022

Ever wondered what would happen if you missed a couple of payments on your storage unit? Being behind on payments could leave your account in default. After the 30-90 days grace period, you’ll be locked out of your unit and the facility if it has an electronic gate. Your lock will be cut and replaced by the facility’s own lock. Your credit will be affected when your account goes to collections. After a while, your unit will be declared abandoned, and the entire unit will become available for auction. You’ll be notified of the auction beforehand. The highest bidder must clear the unit within 48 hours.

Be sure to read your contract carefully to know the deadline to pay your fees. Don’t ignore emails or calls from your storage facility. Try to work out a deal with your facility if you can. It’s easier for everyone involved to work out a deal than auctions. At Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate, our online bill payment option will make keeping up with your payments more manageable and convenient. Selling some of your stuff from storage is an excellent way to afford to pay fees. Local police will confiscate any illegal items gained from the auction.

At Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate, we serve the beautiful city of Brandon, MS, at 4087 Hwy 43 North 39047. Our location is a popular facility choice for Brandon, Eureka, Goshen Springs, Sand Hill, and the other surrounding communities. We offer both regular and climate-controlled units at affordable prices. Boxes, tape, dollies, handcarts, and other moving supplies are available at our site. We’ve recently expanded by adding 31 completely enclosed units for boats and RVs. If you have questions, our after-hours call center is open seven days a week. Check us out today!