Mohala Johnson
July 4th, 2018


'While we often get storage units so we don’t have to store things in our home, garage or shed, they still need some attention. Before (or even after you have time to go back) you place your items in storage, be sure to clean them. Here are a few suggestions on how to prep items before storing:

  • Wooden furniture:  Clean and polish your wooden furniture before storing. This will help cut back on the dust and dirt build up while in storage. Whenever possible, cover furniture with a cloth for an added layer of grime protection.
  • Sofas & Mattresses:  Utilize furniture covers; clean the sofa by using a fabric cleaner or leather cleaner, depending on material. Make sure to remove all the covers and check in the cracks and crevices for crumbs or extra change.
  • Microwaves:  Crumbs and food smells are all over this thing. Take the time to wipe it, inside and out. Be sure to check under the glass tray in the center as crumbs sometimes work their way into this small space. Need ideas on how to clean your Microwave?
  • Refrigerators:  Be sure to empty and defrost your fridge. Clean out all the racks, shelves and storage compartments. Remove any water filters, or lines that connect to water. Place them inside the unit so they don’t get lost. After placing this in your storage unit place some pest deterrents inside and leave the door cracked. This will prevent any mildew from growing when done properly.
  • Washing Machines:  Clean and dry out the inside of your washing machine, use baking soda to ensure a nice dry surface. Place any hoses or cords inside the unit so they don’t get lost.

Cleaning your storage unit at least once every 6 months will do wonders for your belongings. Go in and sweep or dust, if needed reapply furniture polish to the wooden items to ensure their quality lasts. If you can’t clean that often don’t worry, proper stacking and cleaning upon initial move-in will also go a long way. Be sure to check back for more helpful tips.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.