Mississippi Facilities

Mohala Johnson
April 3rd, 2019


Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate in Brandon, MS offers self storage for every need. Getting self storage in Brandon, MS has never been easier! Our Facility offers Climate Control Storage, Non-Climate control storage, Enclosed Boat storage, RV storage, Commercial storage and Extra large storage units, plus both covered parking and uncovered parking. Learn more about what Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate in Brandon, MS has to offer!


Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate is well lit and very clean. Ideal for anyone wishing to store any of their belongings from clothes storage to boat storage. Tellus Self Storage Brandon, MS offers 24 hour gate access with wide driveways. Our office is open 5 days a week to better serve you.This ont stop storage facility offers 5 4 different storage unit types: Climate Controlled storage, Non-Climate storage, and Enclosed Boat storage, RV Storage, Commercial Storage, Covered parking and uncovered parking.No matter your needs, Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate in Brandon, MS will surely meet them. Our storage units range in size from 5’x10′ to 15’x50′. Let’s take a closer look at what these different types of storage units offer.


One of the most exciting things that we offer at Tellus Self Storage Oak Grove is our Free Move-in truck. This is a truck that is free for you to use while moving into our storage facility. If you are interested in this program or would like to learn more about how you can qualify please give our office a call: 601-429-2025. We have a real-life Reservation Center with actual humans, open 7 days a week. So feel free to call anytime, we will return your call.


What is climate control? Much like storing in your own home, climate control offers temperature regulation in your storage unit. Climate Control helps prevent mold while your items are in storage, coupled with carpet dust and dirt are also kept at bay. Not to say they won’t appear, but the effects are minimized. When picking the right type of storage unit, it is important to consider the contents you are storing. For items such as clothing, photographs, and furniture we suggest climate control, proper packing and furniture covers.


Unlike Climate Controlled Storage Units, Non-Climate storage units do not have their temperature regulated. These types of storage units are better suited for tools, bikes, and other items you might keep in your garage or shed at home. Non-Climate storage units are perfect for storage of items that do not require additional protection from the elements.


Enclosed Storage units are much like garages. They are not climate controlled, but they do offer protection from elements much like a shed or garage would. Boat storage and RV storage can be used to prolong the life of your boat or RV by shielding it from excessive wind, rain, and sun. Enclosed storage units are also perfect for large or extra-large commercial equipment. All of our enclosed storage units offer electricity so you can keep your RV or Boat Batteries from dying by applying a trickle charge. Think of our enclosed storage units like your garage away from home. We have sizes ranging from 12’x50’ to 15’x50’. Check out our complete size selection here: Tellus Self Storage Harbor Gate in Brandon, MS


In addition to the enclosed Boat storage, RV storage, and Commercial Storage we also offer uncovered parking. If you’d like a place to park your vehicle for a time we can surely accommodate you. Storage parking is much like leaving your car or truck at a friend’s house. It won’t take up space in your yard and you’ll know where it is if you need it.


Car storage in your front yard is a thing of the past with our covered parking. Think of this as your rock star parking away from home. It isn’t a storage unit,it’s just your own unique parking place with a cover. Much like a carport.


Another form of car storage that won’t include your driveway is our uncovered parking. Much like the covered parking, except there is no roof over your vehicle.


Located at 4087 Hwy 43 North, Tellus Self Storage – Harbor Gate is the most popular facility with customers from Brandon, Eureka, Goshen Springs, Sand Hill, and their surrounding communities.