Mohala Johnson
May 10th, 2019

Have you ever wanted to talk to a Property Manager and get the inside scoop on storage organization? Today is your lucky day! We’ve got Property Manager Tiffany to tell us a few insider tips, tricks and how-tos.

Tellus Self Storage Abita Springs Property Manager Tiffany will now share a few words:

Greetings Everyone!
My name is Tiffany with the Tellus Self Storage in Abita Springs. Today I am going to go over a few pointers to help you set up your self storage unit. Storage organization may seem silly but I can assure you it’s completely helpful!

Furniture and Glass

One very good idea you should always remember is to take apart any large item that can be broken down. This will ensure that you get can easily and safely store larger items in your storage unit. A perfect example that most everyone has are tables. Most tables have legs or a base can easily be taken apart and stored between mattresses for extra protection.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to put your bolts and screws in a bag and clearly label what it is for.

When it comes to organization one thing to remember is to protect your breakables such as glass. Wrap your glass coffee/end table or table top glass in an old comforter. This is also a great item to store between your mattress or washer & dryer. With a neat and nicely organized storage unit you’ll be able to quickly place and locate items without having to hunt.

Heavy, bulky or bigger items

Make sure to put heavier items against something that will not tip over. Put your longer bulky items against the side wall of your storage unit. For example: dressers or chest of drawers. You will usually have 10’ of overhead clearance in your storage unit. (this may vary by location, but no matter what size your storage unit you will have some overhead clearance). Take advantage of being able to stack. That being said, store heavier items on the bottom.

Plastic Totes and Boxes

Plastic storage totes are great for storing long term. Your facility will also carry mold & mildew resistant boxes to store your precious items. (If your facility doesn’t sell boxes they can help point you in the right direction for your boxing needs) Some stores may have old boxes for free.

Pro Tip: Please Remember NOT to use food boxes. This will attract bugs and rodents.

Pick the boxes that are the right size for your needs. Small boxes for heavier items like dishes and books. You do not want to fill large boxes with heavy items as it will be harder to carry them.

Stacking Inside your Storage Unit

An excellent storage organization tip is to put a shelf in your storage unit. Smaller items will easily sit on this shelf and take up less floor space as they might be harder to stack. As an added bonus smaller items will be easily visible in case you need to access them.


Pro Tip: Let appliances completely dry put before storing.

If you do not, it will add moisture in your storage unit. Moisture=Mold & mildew.

Pick the Right Type of Storage Unit

Do not forget if you have any cloth items or mattresses to use a climate controlled storage unit. If you do not think your item would last in a shed, it will not last in a non-climate controlled unit

Closing Organization Tips

Take note of things you will need while you are storing. Place these items at the back of your storage unit. Smaller sofas and loveseats can be stored top to bottom. This will allow for more room in your storage unit.

What to do with unwanted items?? Ask you property manager. If the item is still in usable condition, look for a local thrift store to donate your items. Please ask before putting “trash” in your facilities garbage receptacle. There may be a certain area that your items need to be placed. Any items left in the hallways will be considered trash.

As always, communication between you and your property manager is key. Keep us informed. I hope this has been helpful for everyone. Have a great day.