Mohala Johnson
February 12th, 2019


We’ve all heard this phrase at one time or another. But have you ever considered that this would apply to Self Storage? Let’s discuss a few items that will help you prepare your storage unit.Circumstances vary as to why one might need a self storage facility. We’re here to help you out when the situation demands. With that in mind here are 5 things that you can do in order to prepare for your storage experience. Just like you’d take the proper preparation steps for a meal, you should consider doing your due diligence to ensure a successful storage experience.

  1. Paperwork: Be sure that you file and save all necessary paperwork. This is especially important if you are Military and will be away on deployment. There are special forms you may need to fill out so be sure to mention your Military service to the Facility Manager.
  2. Contact Information: This needs to be current and up to date at all times. While you might need a storage unit because you are moving, be sure to update the information listed with your facility. This is your responsibility, don’t let yourself down.
  3. Packing list: It might seem ridiculous to have a list of the items in your unit but it will help you organize your storage unit as well as how you transport items to the storage unit. Loading big items last allows them to be loaded first into the back of the storage unit. Additionally, you might want to consider leaving an aisle in down the middle of your unit to easily access items at a later time. Make a list, put it somewhere safe. Reference it when needed
  4. Labels: Just like when you were a kid it is still important to put your name on your things. While you don’t necessarily have to put your name it would be advisable to have the contents of boxes clearly marked. You can also devise your very own packing code. Something like: Blue Apron, Yellow Slipper, Orange Lamp. Seemingly random words that hold meaning to you: Kitchen, Bathroom, Guest Bedroom. A little bit of organization will go a long way in a few weeks, months or even years when you can’t even remember what you have in your unit.
  5. Proper storage: Be it boxes that don’t smell of food or locking plastic totes, if you are spending money to store items you should also consider taking the extra step to protect them. Furniture needs to be covered to prevent deterioration. Same for clothing, and paper items. When storing items such as photographs take the extra step to protect them. You’ll thank yourself later. Do a little bit of research to ensure you’re taking the steps needed to protect your treasures.

Self storage doesn’t have to be a hassle, do a little bit of preparation before you jump in and you’ll be fine.

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