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Mohala Johnson
September 29th, 2022

Small Businesses That Need Self Storage

A small business just starting out makes use of what they have. At some point, what they have isn’t enough, and they need more space. At Tellus Self Storage St. Petersburg, we have just the solution for you. We have the space and perks you need to succeed. Here are some industries that would be great to store with us.

  • Say you have an overstock on chairs and tables; you don’t want to have them taking up space in the back or the corner of the lobby.
  • If a large group is reserving your restaurant, you can always take your chairs out of storage whenever.
  • While you can’t store any food in storage, you can store wine, advertising signs, and kitchen utensils to have extra space in your kitchen.

  • A self-storage unit is a perfect place to keep track of inventory for an online store.
  • The security of a storage facility makes it safer to keep your stock and important documents there, instead of your house/apartment, especially with our climate-controlled units.
  • You have more workspace at home with less clutter.
  • You’ll save money from having to rent an office space. Our leases are flexible with a month-by-month option.
  • You’ll be shipping a lot, and we have packing supplies available at our locations.

Artists and Fashion Designers
  • You can protect your art pieces from (pets, kids, etc.) by storing them in storage.
  • You’ll have more space for your artistic visions.
  • Our climate-controlled units are suitable for maintaining any clay pieces from melting.
  • You can store art supplies as well as essential documents.

Tellus Self Storage St. Petersburg provides the amenities and space for your business, big or small, to be successful.

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