Just For Fun

Mohala Johnson
May 8th, 2019

College the final educational frontier!

No matter what stage of college you’ve found yourself at there are a few things we can help you out with. Let’s take a look at four stages of college where we’ll provide 2 reasons why you should have a storage unit.


Reason One: You’re transitioning to a more independent you

Part of growing up means we transition from one stage of our lives to the next. Going off to college is the perfect time to get a storage unit. Sorting your belongings into two piles: Memories and Outgrown can make it easier to further develop your unique identity. Plus you won’t have to quickly hide childhood items when college friends stop by.

Reason Two: Free up space at the ‘rents house ( or wherever it is you lived while attending high school)

Mom and Dad might want to use your bedroom to expand their own space. Some examples of how your bedroom can help enhance your parent’s lives while you’re away at college: Crafting or Art room, Home Office, Exercise room, Spare guest room for their friends, Movie room or even a library.


Reason One: Less Stress and so much more convenient than shipping

If you’re going home for the summer, don’t pack up and move out. Get a storage unit near your school and save yourself on shipping costs plus time. Getting a storage unit at the beginning of your last month will also allow you to slowly pack up and take items to storage instead of having to rush pack while also studying for finals and hanging out with friends before the term ends.

Reason Two: A place to keep things away from parents and/or roommates

We all know that living with someone can be difficult, especially when you aren’t the person picking your roommate. Having a storage unit can give you a bit of an escape. Going away for the weekend? Take the things you don’t want your roommate to ‘borrow’ and place them in storage. You don’t have to store them for an extended period of time but its sort of like having a locker.


Reason One: Again, you’re transitioning, this time into a more adult-tier version of yourself

Time again for transitioning, but what will you do? Sure you will have to live somewhere while you figure it out but what about your things? By this time you’re sure to have accumulated items that you won’t have room for if you decide to move back home. Get yourself a storage unit until you are able to figure out your next move. Keep your things instead of doing a mass liquidation which can lead to some serious regrets.

Reason Two: A place to keep things until you decided where to settle

Graduation is an exciting time, but it also comes with a few unknowns. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to have a job lined up; which is amazing and you should feel very proud of yourself. For the rest of us, there’s no telling where we’ll be in 6 months. By putting your things in storage you’ll have one less stress. There’ll be some sort of order in your uncertain future, and there is something to be said for even a little bit of piece of mind. Take the victories where you can find them. Put your things up until you know what’s happening. Tackle tasks one small decision at a time.


Reason One: New City, New Job, Where do I live?

Depending on your career you might be moving around a bit before you can get established. Instead of the headache that is packing, moving, unpacking, repacking, moving, unpacking, packing, and so on do yourself a favor and pack up non-essentials until you’re completely settled. Most storage facilities do month to month leases, perfect for getting established in a new city and trying to find suitable housing. This is a great solution if your current housing budget doesn’t account for the number of things you currently possess. Not all one-bedroom apartments come equipt with a display case for your Pop collection or those graphic novels that somehow weight about 200 pounds. Pack your items and store them until you’re ready to settle. No need to feel completely overwhelmed and underprepared. Think about the big picture, you’ll get there.

Reason Two: Life Changes

In a relationship, getting married, having kids, getting a pet; these are all life changes that would greatly benefit from having a storage unit. Think of it this way, what would you still have in your life if you’d put it up for later? Maybe a huge Lego model kit you assembled with y our dad, or those china plates your great grandmother gave you but you had no use for so you sold. Certain stages in your life require foresight since we can’t know the future we can do the next best thing: put it up to deal with at a later date after we’ve gained some insight.