Mohala Johnson
June 3rd, 2019

Our Storage Expert Alan Rust of Tellus Self Storage St Petersburg has a few pointers on how self storage can add value when selling your home, specifically when it comes to staging.


By Property Manager and Storage Expert  Alan Rust

Are you selling your house?  Is it because it’s too small?  Or… is it too large and you’re downsizing.

Proper staging is one area that many homeowners are facing while selling their house.  The realtor has come in and says things like…

“ You need to de-personalize that home”

“You have to much stuff in your home”

“ I suggest that your oversize furniture piece(s) that are not needed should go because it makes it look like you have less square footage.”

“ The home should be more open and airy”

“Don’t store anything in the garage… then it would look like there is not enough storage in the house”

That last one could be why you are moving in the first place. Right?

This is where Tellus Self Storage – St Pete can help.  We provide that extra room that you need to remove your excess items to.  Our facility is climate controlled, so in essence, it is like you’re storing your excess items in that extra room of your house, but not in your current house.

Utilizing self storage allows you to pre-pack and remove to another location all those items that are not currently in use so they are ready for your impending move to your new location, but they are not in the way of you selling your current place of residence. Also, with de-personalizing your home, this allows you to safely store these items so they are secure while your home is being shown while you’re not there.  Providing you at least a little peace of mind in this stressful process.

If you’re moving because you’re downsizing, we provide the space to stage items going to other family members or to donate.  It allows you to start making those decisions of what is not going to your new residence, but allows you the time to keep the items for whomever they are going to without cluttering up your new space and being underfoot.  Additionally, this allows for you to see if you really need that item or items… if you change your mind and find the item is necessary to you, it is in storage waiting for you to reclaim.

It has been statically proven that homes that have the open, airy feeling sell much quicker than homes that do not.

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