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Mohala Johnson
July 29th, 2018

Lists and Labels, why?

Let’s take a minute to talk about the importance, while troublesome and time consuming, of labels. Your storage unit might’ve been packed with time constraints so you just boxed things up and called it good. Now you want to locate Great Aunt Mary’s serving dish but none of the box labels are helpful. In your hunt you’ve come across 9 boxes that simply say ‘ Kitchen Stuff’ or ‘Dishes’. The time it would take to open up each box and rummage through its contents then box it back up is extensive. How can we alleviate this headache waiting to happen? By creating an inventory list and labeling system, of course.

The importance of a Label:

I don’t have time to write on this now; I’ll come back later and do it.

These are common thoughts that people have while packing. A lot of the time we are under time constraints, as well as, operating in less than desirable situations. While it may seem like a great and daunting task, it takes but a few moments to add a label to a box. Not to mention your future self will thank you. Labels are important because they will help you in the loading of the unit. You will be more aware of what you can and can’t stack on top of each other. Should you need something, you’ll have a better idea of where to look for it with a label. Additionally, labels are helpful with the unloading, you can quickly locate items that are needed and move them. You don’t have to have fancy labels; you can use a sharpie and just write on the box or plastic tote. This process is quick and painless, but definitely worth the time it takes. While you’re in the labeling mood, you should also create an inventory list.

The importance of an Inventory list:

I have no need for an inventory list; I’ll remember what’s in each and every box.

Words that have been spoken and believed time and time again; however we are only human, and unfortunately, we don’t have an impeccable memory (except those with photographic memory, of course). Not to worry, for the rest of us there is a process called ‘inventory’. Now I’m not asking you to catalog every single CD, DVD and book you own; although, there are sure to be a few of you out there that live for this sort of organization. What we are suggesting is that you keep track of your things in a manner that makes sense. Here is a sample inventory excerpt:

  • #1 Kitchen box- cups and a few bowls;
  • #2 Kitchen box – items for baking;
  • #3 Kitchen box – serving dishes * Great Aunt Mary’s collection; and,
  • #4 Kitchen box – silverware, mixing bowls.

By simply adding a number to the box along with a brief description we are able to narrow down our hunt for the correct box. Note items that you might want to remove over time or that are more precious to you, thus saving time, headache and frustration further down the road.

Alright, my self storage students – Go out and make your labels and lists, you’re going to crush this. If you need a self storage facility or want to do some price checking call us 1 (800) 773-6691 we might have a unit with your name on it. Don’t want human interaction? No problem, here’s a link to our locations: Tellus Self Storage Locations.