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Tellus Marketing Staff
May 2nd, 2023

Storing antiques and collectibles in a storage unit can be an excellent option for those downsizing, moving, or simply needing extra space. However, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your valuable items stay safe and in good condition while in storage. Here are some tips for storing antiques and collectibles in a storage unit.

1. Clean and Prepare Your Items

Before storing your antiques and collectibles, it’s essential to clean them thoroughly and prepare them for storage. This includes wiping down surfaces, removing any loose or detachable parts, and wrapping fragile items in protective materials. This will help prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from damaging your items while in storage.

2. Choose the Right Storage Unit

When choosing a storage unit for your antiques and collectibles, consider the size and type of items you will be storing. Please ensure the unit is large enough to accommodate your items without them being cramped or stacked too high. Also, choose a climate-controlled unit to protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

3. Protect Your Items

To protect your antiques and collectibles while in storage, wrap them in protective materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam. This will help prevent scratches, dents, and other damage. You can also use specialized storage containers for fragile items such as glassware or ceramics.

4. Store Items Strategically

When storing antiques and collectibles in a storage unit, it’s important to store them strategically to maximize space and prevent damage. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top, and avoid stacking too high. Additionally, leave a small space between items to allow for air circulation and prevent the items from scratching one another.

Collecting antiques and collectibles takes years of dedication to find and maintain items to be in their best condition. Help ensure that these items stay in mint condition by renting a storage unit from Tellus Self Storage.