Gulfport Facilities

Mohala Johnson
August 23rd, 2022

Here in Gulfport, you, or you probably know someone who owns a boat. When you’re not using it, or it’s the offseason, it might take up some space in your driveway, and rodents could get comfortable with at home. You also have worry about thieves taking off with your boat as well. Some homeowners’ associations won’t let you have a boat in your driveway.

If you leave your boat at a marina slip, barnacles and algae can attack your boat, there’s almost no security, and you must be wary of other potential factors such as storms that could damage your boat. A boat lifts are at risk of pests, and extreme weather conditions. After hearing all of that, don’t worry because you’re not out of luck yet. Here are some reasons why storage unit are a great place to store a boat in a couple months.

  • At Tellus Self Storage Dedeaux West, all our facilities have drive-up access to our units, so placing your boat in a unit will be nice and easy.
  • Need to get your boat to get an early morning fishing season in? Our facilities have 24/7 access so you can go boating anytime.
  • Over 90% of accidents include theft and vandalism. Our storage facilities have DVR security cameras, so you don’t have to worry about thieves.
  • Storing your boat in a storage unit will protect it from pests, bad weather, and algae.
  • You won’t have to stress our units filling up. We have multiple locations throughout Gulfport, so there will always be a spot for you.

Before storing your boat be sure to prepare the engine, add fuel stabilizer, drain the plumbing systems, change the oil, grease the steering mechanism, add fogging oil, loosen drive belts, clean and cover the boat as well. Come rent with us at Tellus Self Storage Dedeaux West to preserve your sea outings.