Alabama Facilities

Mohala Johnson
September 18th, 2022

The summers can be a bit humid here in Madison, AL. Have you ever thought about how the weather could affect your unit? Here are a couple of tips on storing your belongings during summer.

1. Using a climate-controlled unit

The temperature in a storage unit is at least 30 degrees hotter inside than outside. Items such as electronics don’t do too well with constantly high heat. The hot temperatures can damage the machine permanently. With a climate-controlled unit, you can put any worries about the temperature damaging your valuables to rest. Climate-controlled units help preserve other materials such as metal, leather, wood, wax, plastic, paint, makeup, art, books, etc. This type of unit will be best if you plan on keeping your stuff in storage long term.

2. Using a non-climate-controlled unit

If you have a non-climate-controlled unit, you’re not entirely out of luck.\

A thermal blanket can be placed over heat-sensitive items to help preserve them for days. Since you can’t control the temperature with this unit, you’ll have to be careful about what you put in it. You can store gardening equipment, cars, boats, RVs, specific clothing, plastic bins, plates, dishes, curtains, and hardware in this unit.

3. Keeping dust and rodents away

Another great benefit of getting a climate-controlled unit is that the excellent air quality circulates and will help keep your items from getting dusty. Climate-controlled storage units can be beneficial compared to keeping your stuff at home, depending on the quality of your ac unit. Since no cracks or gaps are needed to stay climate-controlled storage cool, the chances of dealing with rodents decrease drastically.

At Tellus Self Storage Arlington, located in Madison, AL, make sure to take advantage of our free move-in truck (disclaimer: restrictions apply). We’re a great option to choose to store your belongings over the summer season.