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Mohala Johnson
September 8th, 2022

With the year going by swiftly, Winter is just around the corner. While the winters aren’t the coldest in Dallas, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst. The coldest Dallas usually gets is around 39 degrees and the warmest averages around 57 degrees. Self-storage units are an excellent option for cold-weather storage because of their climate-controlled storage units. Here are some other tips for maintaining your belongings during these upcoming cold months.

Make sure to clean and dry all your items before storing them. This will help prevent mold. Try not to store your items while it’s raining, so drying will be easier. Dirt and debris can damage your items over time. Also, sweep your unit. Putting your stuff into boxes or containers will allow you more storage space.

Only store your electronics in storage if you have a climate-controlled unit. Electronics have batteries in them, and the batteries contain liquid. That liquid could expand and crack the battery if not stored properly. For electronics with no battery, you’ll need to store and wrap them appropriately so water doesn’t get trapped inside the electronics. If possible, try to remove the battery from the device and place it in the most insulated part of your unit. Electronics are sensitive to the cold. Since the floor is the coldest part of a storage unit, keep your electronics as elevated as possible. Placing them on boxes, furniture, or in the original packaging helps with this.

Take care of your vehicle by emptying gasoline or diesel before placing them in storage. Having gasoline inside a vehicle while in storage can crack the interior parts of the vehicle due to the liquid expanding.

At Tellus Self Storage Hawn, stay warm and keep your items with us today!

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