Mohala Johnson
June 5th, 2018


Placing your RV into storage can cause some uncertainty, however we are here to ensure you are confident in your decision to store your RV / camper with us. In order alleviate some of that worry all you need to do is follow these four steps to C.A.P.E. your vehicle.


Remove any and all food items, plates / bowls/ cups clean them thoroughly or remove them complete. Also clean out any oven/ microwave/ grill / fridge / freezer anything that food goes into or comes out of. Remove all padding and cushions and clean them as well. This will help cut back on any smells as well as prevent pest invitations. Vacuum floors wipe down surfaces and windows; be sure to use an all-purpose cleaner to deter the growth of mold.


Check all exterior seams for cracks, apply silicone or caulk where needed and ensure there are no leaks in seals. Purchase and apply vent covers to allow for airflow while also keeping pests out. This will help prevent the RV / camper from smelling up. Having airflow is important but we also need to remain careful not to invite pests.

Pest Prevention:

As previously state remove all food particles. Do an inspection of your RV/ Camper and find any crevices where rodents or pests might want to take up residence; seal them with spray foam, steel wool, or in the case of your firewalls a scrap piece of metal. Don’t forget to inspect your undercarriage, those tiny tubes and hoses might have the perfect in for unwanted guests. You can also set out moth balls or other rodent traps / deterrents to keep pests at bay.


Retract your slide-outs, this will prevent mechanical parts and rubber seals from being exposed during storage. Wash the exterior, and if possible apply a nice coat of wax to keep your RV / Camper from getting dirt or dust damage. Check tire pressure, also consider using risers or plywood to keep the rubber from being damaged and most importantly set tire chocks and tire covers to deflect UV damage.

With C.A.P.E in mind you’ll be confident and comfortable with your storage decision. As always be sure to do your own research as there might be other items specific to your vehicle that might need attention before storing. Such as winterizing, thankfully we don’t have to worry too much about that but it might be a concern that you should address. Happy storing!

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