Gulfport Facilities

Mohala Johnson
August 23rd, 2022

While a storage is a great place to store your items, there are some things you can’t quite put in your storage unit. You’ve probably ran out of space in pantry and want to put some excess food into storage for safe keeping.

1. Food
  • Unfortunately, food can’t be put into storage because it can spoil, develop mold, and become rotten, which will attract rodents and insects. Canned foods can also explode due to high temperatures.

2. Non-operating, Uninsured, or Unregistered vehicles
  • Only fully operating legal vehicles are permitted to be held in storage unit. This applies to boats, RVs, campers, motorcycles, cars, and trucks.

3. Hazardous materials
  • Substances such as gasoline, acid, oil, paint, propane, fireworks, & greases, are hazardous to the building and thus aren’t allowed to be placed in storage. These chemicals could be mixed or flame the building down.

4. Weapons
  • Ammunition, bombs, firearms, and other lethal weapons are prohibited from storage units. Some of these weapons are explosive and could put the building on fire. These items are a liability and create problems if your unit is up for auction.
5. Stolen Goods
  • Employees are liable to report any suspicious activity, and there are security cameras around the facility, so don’t try it.

6. Living or Dead Item
  • Plants, animals, people… a storage unit is not livable for any organism. This also applies to human ashes. Plants need sunlight and water to stay alive anyway. As wild as it sounds, there were news headlines about people placing amputated legs, brains, fish & even their deceased grandmother into storage units.

7. Wet Items
  • Make sure you wipe off any usually wet items like kayaks & swim gear. The water could form mildew and mold from the moisture.

Now that you know what not to store, feel free to swing by Tellus Self Storage Courthouse and rent a storage unit with us!