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Tellus Self Storage - Dedeaux West

15276 Dedeaux Road, Gulfport, MS 39503
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5 Stars - 14 Reviews
March 4, 2022
My review listed below should be 1 star. If I could leave a 0, I would
Shady Business Practices
Renee Thronson
March 3, 2022
My experience with Tellus started good and turned into a nightmare. I contacted Tellus Self Storage - Dedeaux West on Feb, 15, 2021. I spoke with a woman and advised I did not need a storage unit until Feb 26, 2021 which was my move date. A unit was available and she said it could be "reserved" for me. We discussed the free rental truck and I advised her I would need it on Feb, 26, 2021. She said the manager would call me to verify all the details. The manager called me later that day and said I would need to come in and pay for the unit, so it couldn't be rented out. The manager knew when I wouldn't be moving in until Feb 26th. I rushed down there and paid $131.19. I was not told I needed insurance ($6.00 per month) nor was I told about the $20.00 admin fee by the lady I talked to or the manager. These extra fees were sprung on me when I arrived to pay for the unit which remained empty until my move in date Feb 26th. Also the fact that my son who would be driving the truck would need proof of insurance. I was not told about this in advance by the first lady I talked to or by the manager over the phone prior to my arrival. I came to pick up the "FREE" rental truck which allows moving 50 miles free. No problem. The mileage from the storage place, my apartment, the gas station to top off the gas tank and to unload my stuff and drop off the truck, should have been 18.8 miles maybe 20 miles at the most. When I showed up to pick up the truck I was advised there was a $10.00 charge for an additional driver, since the unit was in my name my son was considered an additional driver. Gee I told the manager I had cancer. Did he really think I would be driving? Shouldn't I have been told about the extra driver charge in advance? A day later after dropping off the truck, I logged in to set up my online account and there was a charge for $124.03. I called the office and spoke with the manager and was advised I drove 207 miles. I was told that needed to be paid immediately. I told the manager I could not see how the mileage was correct. He said my son must have drove some other places. Seriously my son's going to joy ride with my furniture for 207 miles all around the coast. In the time frame the truck was picked up, loaded and dropped off I did not see how that was humanely possible. I asked if there was a governor on the truck and was told no. I asked what kind of mileage the truck got and was told by the manager he didn't know. One gas receipt I dropped off was for $20.00 gas 6.062 gallons. The second receipt I shouldn't have turned in cause my son said he thought something was strange that the truck would take that much gas. He order anther $8.00 and when he tried to fill it, the pump cut off so he put the remainder of the gas in his friend's truck who was helping us move. Another thing I notice on your web site when you click on reservations, it says reservations will be honored for 90 days. If that's the case why was I forced to pay $131.19. I was given the prior person's truck rental with their mileage, but that means nothing, it could have been changed. You are running a shady operation here. You got a total of $255.22 from me prior to moving in. I'm sure that made your sales numbers and books look better with that extra money. Somebody has lied, doctored books, the odometer is screwed up on your truck or all of the above. Now my March rent is due and I don't have the money until I get my social security check on the March 9th and I'll have to pay a late fee. I will NEVER recommend Tellus to anyone, especially Dedeaux West location. When I'm done with you and I move my things out you will NEVER see any business from me.
Great place!
Cindy E.
February 28, 2022
I stored my items for 6 months there. Keith was always so helpful. No issues at all, a nice, clean, secure facility.
I would totally recommend this storage facility.
Sarah Bishop
February 2, 2022
I would totally recommend this storage facility. it is clean, secure and safe. I lived across country for nearly 5 years with my most personal possessions stored here. I never once felt that my things were in harms way or unsafe. If there was ever an issue I would either receive a call from Keith or I knew I could place a call to Keith to have him quickly resolve. The only real problem that we ever had was weather related which I was quickly notified so that I could get to Gulfport to help fix it. I would definitely rent there again if the opportunity would arise.
February 2, 2022
Excellent facility
Jaci Turner
January 5, 2021
I’ve never needed a storage unit before, and I had heard some horror stories. This place lived up to NONE of them! Keith was a pleasure to work with, and remembered my name on the phone or my face in person. I did have two small issues over the 13 months I used the unit, but both were resolved IMMEDIATELY and completely. The second was just a loose screw in the door, but because of the way this place is maintained, I knew Keith would want to know, so it could be fixed, and of course it was on my next stop. I would absolutely not hesitate to use this facility ever again.
Great place for your storage needs!!!!
December 16, 2020
Great place to deal with! Keith the manager was very helpful and the place is clean and safe which are two things I cannot do without in picking a storage facility.
Great facility. Highly recommend
Holly Smith
December 16, 2020
This is a great storage facility. Keith is very knowledgeable and helpful. The facility is clean and well cared for. I highly recommend this facility for storage needs.
Very clean facility and Keith is polite and helpful.
September 5, 2020
I rented a unit that was climate controlled I kept my unit for 4 years. When I went to retrieve my things all was well with my possessions. The units are well maintained and are priced decently. Keith was helpful and polite he always remembered who I was which was very appreciated. I would recommend this establishment to anyone!
Competitive pricing. Convenient location. Safe and secure.
March 30, 2020
Keith, the manager, is always very friendly, helpful, and will get you into your new unit fast.
Reply from Manager on April 22, 2020
Thanks so much! We are very fortunate to have Keith as part of our Tellus Self Storage family.
Great People and Place
March 26, 2020
Keith is a joy. Friendly and knowledgeable.
Reply from Manager on April 22, 2020
Thank you Rachel! We appreciate you taking the time to leave us this review.
September 26, 2019
We could not be more pleased! Keith has gone above and beyond and made moving from Natchez to Gulfport an easy transition!
Reply from Manager on October 3, 2019
We appreciate your kind words! Have a fantastic day!
Keith was great! Great location and easy to store.
September 24, 2019
Reply from Manager on October 3, 2019
Thank you! We wish you a lovely day!
July 23, 2019
Manager was awesome. Very clean very nice love the service
Reply from Manager on July 29, 2019
Thank you so much for taking the time to review our storage facility. We appreciate it!
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